Squeeze Play

Although we love to bathe our meat with Chili Bill's BBQ, sometimes a bit of finesse can help make a dish stand out.  We owe this tip to The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in historic Downtown Redlands, CA.  It was TGPS that started using Chili Bill's BBQ sauce on their pizzas back in 2002. 

Sometimes it's tough to pour BBQ sauce from a large mouth bottle. Sometimes a little squeeze and drizzle of Chili Bill's BBQ is all on your dish needs.  A squeeze is a great way to finish your meat for an artistic presentation, apply sauce evenly on your bun, drizzle on top of your salad and it's amazing as a pizza topper.

Get yourself a plastic squeeze bottle with a cap. You can find these anywhere and it will probably cost you less than 2 bucks. Chili Bill's BBQ in a squeeze bottle is a must in our kitchen and once you try it, you'll feel the same way, too!